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My Newest Release

Heart's Duty Collection Cover

The Full Story of THE HEART'S DUTY in one complete ebook collection...


Three generations of women who make choices fueled by passion, and others influenced by them, make up this collection. THE HEART'S DUTY COLLECTION includes four novel length stories - ranging from new, not widely available, and previously released material.

DISCOVERING THE HEART'S DUTY: Barbra David felt her world ended when her husband Easton McHenry left her and her young daughter Kristine McHenry for another woman. As she struggles to rebuild her life, a persuasive and charming man named Samuel Bremerton enters to help her pick up the pieces. Previously only available as a free first draft at Smashwords only, and now to be released to all markets.

THE HEART'S DUTY: Barbra's daughter, Kristine David, thought she'd finally found a stable marriage and future. As she found herself less satisfied with her situation, the dark past she'd been trying to run from creeps back in and begins to endanger the welfare of others. This is a story of misguided love, betrayal, and owning up to one's mistakes. This previously was released as a stand-alone novel.

REDEFINING THE HEART'S DUTY: Jessica Bremerton, the daughter of Kristine David raised by her mother Barbra, now is eighteen and trying to adjust to life away from the twisted past she'd been indoctrinated in. She's made mistakes in the past and struggles to control her future, but Jessica soon finds that her own mother's mistakes may control her chance at a future. This story has never before been released.

TOUCH THE STARS - A STORY OF THE HEART'S DUTY: This HEART'S DUTY spinoff follows a professional woman in Los Angeles who tried to distance herself from her past and create a professional life, trying to live detached and devoid of emotion. Angela's mother's death, followed by the subsequent reappearance of an old flame and haunted by poor past choices, jolts her to slowly rethink about life. Her surprise guide in the journey is a waiter named Hugo. Originally released as TOUCH THE STARS and Shannon Muir's first novel, this book features many characters who went on to be prominent in the other HEART'S DUTY books and received a brand new copy edit for this collection.

This compilation is part of the SPONTANEOUS CHOICES collection, about women fueled by passion. Please note that as a result of this release, the original versions of THE HEART'S DUTY and TOUCH THE STARS have been discontinued in their ebook editions, but are still available in print; however, TOUCH THE STARS has received a new copy edit in this ebook edition only.

Available as an ebook for Kindle, NOOK, iBookstore, Kobo, Smashwords and more retailers to come.

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